Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 Weeks, 2 Days

Wow. I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. My mom has been bugging me to post an update, but it has been a massive week for me in terms of school work and the only thing I have used my computer for is school work. But, on the plus side of that, I got another test grade back....96%! And my grade back on a huge bugger of an assignment....A+. I didn't even do that good in high school! Or in my first two years of college! So I guess all the hard work is paying off! I just hope with the economy the way it is now that I will be able to get a job when it's all said and done. I hope this isn't all for nothing!

Anyway, back at the subject at hand. Earlier this week I had a mild panic attack....or anxiety attack, whichever you want to call it. I'm not sure what it was. My mom attributes it to withdrawl, but I was already a week and 3 days in when it happened, so I am not sure I can blame it on that. I attribute it to events that occurred over the weekend that have to do with things I am dealing with personally. Needless to say, it was not pleasant and I felt incapacitated for a day or so. I don't know how I got the school work done that I needed to do. But I did. And I survived.

I have another new addiction (beyond watching L&O SVU)....I have been craving water like no other the past week or so. I got myself a big water bottle that I fill with water and stick in the freezer for an hour or so (I do NOT enjoy luke-warm water), and guzzle it down in no time flat. I am definitely getting in my 8 glasses a day...if not more. And oddly enough, I am hardly drinking any soda anymore. Weird. Still drinking a lot of coffee, but when I am thirsty for something cold, I have been reaching for the water instead of the pop.

I am hosting a major dinner tomorrow at my house for my sis's b-day. I have had a turkey in my freezer for a couple of months now that I really need to get rid of and I didn't think she should have to cook for her b-day dinner. So I am making turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, rolls and salad. Her hubby is bringing the cake and his Dad is bringing the soda. Everything else is on me. I've only ever cooked a turkey one time before and I'm nervous to get all of this done by myself tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to it, too. She has been so great to me over the past 10 months or so, so this is my way of showing my appreciation for her. I also special ordered a t-shirt for her with a "super woman" logo on front and on the back it says:


I hope she likes it.

Anyway, all is well. Just thought I should update you all. Two weeks, two days. Hoping my skin looks 5 years younger very soon. :-)


Sammy said...

Congratulations on two weeks plus two days! I am SO happy for you! I bet your mom is just thrilled.

Drinking all that water and cutting out soda will definitely help your skin too. Have you tried to exfoliate with a mixture of lemon and sugar? I'm telling you, your skin will be so smooth! It's all natural and inexpensive! (Free, if you already have the stuff in your house!)

Awesome job on those grades too! :-)

Barb said...

Sounds like you're doing really well, Kristen. I don't think the panic attack was withdrawal either, but even after five weeks, there are moments when I really want a cigarette. Apparently that can last forever and it's just a matter of knowing that like an alcoholic taking a drink, an ex smoker can't smoke a cigarette.

The water is good for you too. I've always been a big ice water drinker.

Congratulations on getting beyond two weeks. And congratulations on those outstanding grades too!

Gretchen said...

Two weeks! That's fab! You're well on your way to 3, actually.

Good for you for handling your anxiety/panic w/o a cigarette. You should be so proud of yourself, Kristen.

I'm thrilled for your grades. That must feel so good, too.

Blessings to you this week as you keep on keeping on. I'm sure your skin is gorgeous, and with you drinking all that water, you'll probably start having a dewy look which will make us all jealous. ;)

Melissa said...

Yay!! I'm so glad that your not posting was just a matter of no time, not a relapse!!

Check out (which I am NOT affiliated with, btw) for lots of great responses for when you feel like that urge is just too big.

My favorite is to remember that we are junkies, just like that guy doing heroin or the girl smoking crack. The only difference is that our "drug" is legal. It only takes one puff, one cigarette to undo a quit, no matter how long you've been quit.

The water is great for you!!

You don't know how hard I've been praying that you were holding strong. YAY! I'm so proud of you!!!!

Melissa in FL << Happy Dancing tonight!

Dawn said...

WOO-HOO!!! I am SO proud of you for:

quitting smoking
getting such good grades
cooking a turkey and all the trimmings
drinking so much water


Your Mom

Dot said...

You are doing it! Wow! Two weeks already! Prayer works! I know the time hasn't passed as fast for you as it has for me, but that is two weeks down, and you should be soooooo very proud of yourself. You especially should be proud of those wonderful grades that are coming in the midst of hard times for you. Keep up the good work!

Mary said...


You are craving water because it is detoxifying your system. Drink on girl and congratulations for doing such a great job on quitting.

Congratulations are also in order for your good grades. Awesome!! Tell Jason to give you a big hug for me.

The anxiety attack could still be from withdrawl even after all this time. Smokers reach for a cigarette when they are stressed and you aren't doing that, so the stress escapes another way. Anxiety attacks are no fun. Ask your doctor for a little help there. Since my accident I've suffered with anxiety attacks and there is meds that you can use that work instantly. You only use them when needed, so they're not addicting.

Great work, my friend. Keep it up.

nancygrayce said...

Your skin honestly will look younger! I stopped smoking in my 40's and I'm so glad because I would probably look twice my age if I hadn't...well, maybe not twice because that would 112! The water is so good for the skin too! You're doing great!

Sammy said...

Hey Kristen.

Thinking of you and hoping you're still cigarette free! I'm willing to be you are! :-)

Let us know how you're doing when you get a moment between writing papers, studying for exams, taking care of your four children, taking care of your house, and taking care of you! :-)

You're in my prayers!

Morning Glory said...

Hoping you're still reaching your goal.

Mary said...


Congratulations for sticking with it and also for the terrific grades. You are meeting the goals you've set for yourself successfully and you should be proud of yourself.

I expect the water is flushing the toxins from your body. Water is much better than soda. I used to drink a lot of Co*ke when I was young. I seldom drink any kind of soda now.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Mary said...


Heard that you have been ill and wanted you to know you are in my prayers.